Don Iglehart PhD, MBA


1963 High School

Marine Corps Reserve (military police)

Roughneck (offshore 2 years)

1972 BS, 1973 MS [4.0] (math /physics)

Graduate students’ representative on the faculty graduate council; marshal of graduate class


Wrote the well test system for the southeastern division

Early microcomputer applications:

First computerized payroll & accounting system for the Port of Lake Charles

Soybean brokerage system

School board payroll system

Consultant to State of Louisiana: (DNR, DEQ, DOJ & DPS)

DNR: Mineral Information System (primary program analyst)

DNR: Transportation Audit System (technical lead)

DOJ & DPS: First computerized criminal history system

DNR: Rewrote and enhanced the Mineral Information System

DNR & DOJ: Tidelands suit – discovery response: extract production, well test and royalty data using geographical information – determined underpayments in the initial remittances.

DNR & DOJ: Texaco audit & suit – Quantification Model determined royalty underpayments under various legal scenarios.

DEQ & DNR: Purchasing system

1993 PhD [4.0] (computer science), 1995 MBA [4.0]

Woodward Clyde (absorbed by URS):

Manager (Programming, GPS, CAD, Graphics & IT)

Data acquisition and analysis for Ingram Barge Spill in Mississippi River at Baton Rouge

IEM (Senior Scientist):

Scientific research and analysis

Modeling & simulation

Quantitative analysis & optimization

Operations management & industrial engineering

Software system design & rapid prototype programming

            C++, VB, Java